Go Green, Again!

Why not?

Going Green, Still!

Green is GOOD! Go Big Green!

Going Green Logos

Everyone is concerned about saving the earth.
You can save the trees, recycle, and reuse for a totally clean environment. Well,not really, but if we all do our part, the world WILL be a cleaner.

Design Boards

An example of an inspirational design board. Use these any way you like: advertise, promote, excite! Demonstrate your talent with design boards.

Solutions, Logo

Creativity stems from many places. You can take an ordinary object, examine it, think about it for awhile, and then be off and running in no time. Innovation and creativity push us to the wow! factor. Creative people are everywhere, waiting to be discovered. Speak up! Show the world what lies within you your mind, soul, and heart. What solutions can you offer?

Oops! Goof

What happens when you make a really embarrassing typo? Laugh with the others, of course! But do not tell anyone new about your mistake. Keep it under the rug, behind the fence, and DON"T broadcast it, okay?

Updated Bff

I updated my Bff logo for A Girls Best Friend. I the near future, I will be creating a new blog entitled Girlz Best Friend and importing my post. Then I will delete BFF. Why? Because I like Blogger best!

Fox Logo


Good Soldier

Ink and Pen Creations Logo

How do you like mt new Ink and Pen Creations Logo. I started a Face Book Page, but haven't added any content yet.

Design Inspiration #2

For this design, I thumbed through my graphics and saw the ribbon design I used for my "o" in spot. Instantly, I saw a letter! I came up with a word that contained the letter o. The rest, as they say, is history.
What else could I do with this "ribbon," as I call it?

Design Inspirations I like

Sometimes when I have a few minutes on my hands, I design just for creative inspiration. The following designs were not created for a company, but I just put a few things together. Tell me what you think! On this day, the letter G intrigued me. So I simply started
 with that inspiration and began creating.

No matter where I am in life, or what I need answers for, God always gives me direction. When I do not know the answer, the best thing to do is wait. And that is hard to do, but sometimes, that is exactly what God wants to teach me. Patience.
 Gt graphic t. Purely invented by my imagination. Again, I started with the letter G. This is what came out of those thoughts!

 When you need creative juice, but feel flat, go to your fonts selections and choose a style that pops out at you. Choose a letter that strikes your fancy. Once it is on the board in front of you, just start adding, or drawing and painting. You will be amazed at what is created, by YOU!

Logo design-SoQute

Logo for chic children's clothing place. I think it is so cute!

FierFly Logo

Logo for school, education, and other learning reference and look ups.


Logo for a consulting design art firm

SEO Quest

This is a logo I created, and entered in a contest, but didn't win. After the contest, I tweaked it a little and added it to my portfolio. I thought it was cool, but I guess not cool enough.

SEO Q contest

From experience, it is not a great idea to enter a design contest and submit 20 designs. Here is a logo I created for SEO q. It didn't win.

Logo Design -Full Cup

Sometimes, life is so incredibly wonderful there are no words to describe it. My cups has overflowed because of how blessed I truly am.


A simple logo made for a company who claims to work above and beyond your expectations. A nice graphic company! And nice people to work with.

Writers Shack

This logo came about in an unusual manner. It was designed for a writers guild. Writers can meet other authors, receive tips and techniques for writing, and find the best places to get your work published!

8 Fans

I created this logo for a fan based company where fans ca meet their favorite stars, receive fan mail, and "take" pictures. Ready to write?

Dream Big Dreams

Here is a design I put together and decided to share it with you. My favorite designs are watercolors. I usually work in photo shop. At first, I didn't care for Adobe. I liked to work with the paint with my hands. But, as I learn more about Adobe, and create more with the software, I am falling in love with it. What do you think? I used clip art for the lettering, but hand painted the butterfly.

My logo creation

I love design work, and I love writing! hence, my name "Writer Designer." I enjoy designing logo's and web pages. I also work a little on web pages and templates.

Here is my personal logo!

My Son (in-law) is home...

My soon to be son (in-law) came home from Iraq yesterday! He has been in Iraq for 5 months, and we are so happy he is home!
He is in the Airforce and he received a promotion while he was gone. Yea, he's that good!
Here's to our Hero, and to every Military Hero who has protected my freedom, rights, and country.

My Day...!!!

My day was perfect! I spent the day at an inside water park! There wasn't another person in the park except my husband, my son and my daughter. We swam, splashed, and slid down the water slide. Then we soaked in the hot tub. Finally, we simply relaxed and watched the kids have a ball! It couldn't have been a better day. Only if all my kiddo's had been there, it would have been absolutely perfect!