Mobile Communications

New technology makes mobility communications something you can use now. Mobility communications allows single interface use for all communications. For example, you can have a voicemail sent to your email when phone use is not capable. The caller ID information will appear with the email and you can call them back at your convenience.

Another feature of communication mobility is how easy it is for small businesses or companies to re- route phone calls to home workers. The at home worker has the home phone added to the company line and the calls will be directed to their home. When a customer calls the business, the call will be answered remotely, yet sound as if the call is being answered at the company office. This not only saves money for the business, bat provides great work at home opportunities for stay at home moms, college students, and even work at home dads.

It save the company money because there will be no need for bigger offices to house more employees and insurance costs are cut.

Communication mobility also allows a company to add phones to their phone network, but they can hook up their smartphones to the company computer network. This means the company can download files from phones. Now the company manager, secretary and other employees can carry their own personal phone that acts like an office phone and the company computer.

Bundling all the business and company communications into one unified service means small business can operate on less money and less overhead. When it comes to saving money, every company will benefit, even the larger sized businesses. For those who are concerned about keeping the world a cleaner place, this green option is a great alternative. Reducing carbon prints and promoting a greener environment is all that is needed to entice the eco friendly companies.

Partitioning Your Hard Drive

A very common question from Mac users is asking why anyone would partition a hard drive. The answers are varied and given for many different reasons, but there are some positive reasons to partition the hard drive for a Mac.

One good reason to partition your hard drive is to help you organize your files. The more you use your computer and the more files you accumulate and store on your hard drive, organization can get a little crazy. You can partition the system software and the data and although it may not be perfectly neat, at least the same type files will be in one partition.

Partitioning your Mac will help the Spotlight feature run faster. Huge amounts of files are stored on your computer and Spotlight must run through all of them to find your query. When you partition the hard drive, Spotlight is able to find what you are asking for in less than a second.

Mechanical failure to your system can make a system stop working. Sometimes when this happens, the only way to repair the damage is to completely delete the hard drive data and restore the system. All the data stored on the hard drive will be lost, unless you have partitioned the data and separated the system. When you know where the problem is located you can erase only the damaged portion and restore that piece of data without harming the rest of the data.

Backup systems are a lifesaver and when stored on a separate partition of the hard drive it make life easier for two reasons. One, it is easier to switch to an older running system in the event an application is not compatible with a newer installed system. Two, keeping your backup system on its own partition means that if the boot system fails, you can reboot in the backup system and hopefully use the Utility application to restore the boot system.

Posting Videos on Your Facebook Wall

Facebook videos can passed all over the place. You post the funny cupcake video on you Facebook page, your friend likes the video and tags it so that his other friends can see it. One of his friends is a web master for the cupcake blog and he wants the video for his blog. After the cupcake owner uploads the video to his blog, one of his followers sees the video and because she is doing a series on cupcake decorations; she posts the funny cupcake video to her blog. The cycle continues on and on.

Whether the YouTube video is your, or someone else made the video and you want to use on your Facebook page, it is easy to upload. Using the “Link” button on Facebook gives ownership rights to the person who created the video and you do not want to take credit, or not give credit where credit is due, you should always upload YouTube videos via the link button on the status menu of your post space.

Begin with posting your comment in the status bar. Type whatever you want about the video. The comment will be visible along with the video, so you can say whatever you want your friends to know about the video.

Open up the YouTube page with the video you want to upload in another page and copy the web address at the top of the web page. Go back to the Facebook page and click on the ”Link” tab under the status bar and paste the web address from YouTube into the link bar.

You may be given a choice of thumbnail photos, or there may only be one option. Choose the picture you want to post on your Facebook page and click the share button. Your YouTube video is now posted to your wall.