Global Technology

Technology has advanced to the forefront of cutting edge standards, tearing down geographical walls of separation. It is possible today to hire a team of experts to work on a collaborative project fro all over the world. In reality, this type of business has become a regular way to work rather then something new for businesses. How does a business operate working with technology and making their business grow and prosper? By using the technology made available to people around the globe, it is as simple as combining phones, computers and software.

Wiccis and blogs can be used as a shared working environment and they are becoming a more popular way to work now more than ever. Project management is shared by various members of the team by posting ideas, outlines, proposals, presentations, and report, and so much more, online through an open blog of wicci. Instant chatting and messaging keeps the line of communication open and flowing easily between colleagues. If a team member misses a day of work, they can easily get caught up on what they missed by reading the previous days messages and posts. Instant chat allows for quick reminders and brilliant thoughts to get to the boss immediately.

A controlled email tree will keep all the email messages in the right folder, to the right team member, and to the right topic area. For instance, the design team does not need to wade through the many emails discussing the business section and the accounting manger does not need to know what is going on over at the media room. This isolation feature for emails is possible with project management software. It does not cost much, there is no installation of downloading necessary and you will have instant access to the software. How much easier could project management be for your business?


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