Global Technology

Technology has advanced to the forefront of cutting edge standards, tearing down geographical walls of separation. It is possible today to hire a team of experts to work on a collaborative project fro all over the world. In reality, this type of business has become a regular way to work rather then something new for businesses. How does a business operate working with technology and making their business grow and prosper? By using the technology made available to people around the globe, it is as simple as combining phones, computers and software.

Wiccis and blogs can be used as a shared working environment and they are becoming a more popular way to work now more than ever. Project management is shared by various members of the team by posting ideas, outlines, proposals, presentations, and report, and so much more, online through an open blog of wicci. Instant chatting and messaging keeps the line of communication open and flowing easily between colleagues. If a team member misses a day of work, they can easily get caught up on what they missed by reading the previous days messages and posts. Instant chat allows for quick reminders and brilliant thoughts to get to the boss immediately.

A controlled email tree will keep all the email messages in the right folder, to the right team member, and to the right topic area. For instance, the design team does not need to wade through the many emails discussing the business section and the accounting manger does not need to know what is going on over at the media room. This isolation feature for emails is possible with project management software. It does not cost much, there is no installation of downloading necessary and you will have instant access to the software. How much easier could project management be for your business?

The Best iPad Apps for a Great Business Presentation

The Best iPad Apps for a Great Business Presentation

iPad offers apps the same as iPhone and Mac and without the help of some of the following apps, your presentations may not turn out as creative as you had planned.

Keynote is a powerful app for Mac that has been adapted to use on the iPad. You need to write creative presentations that include plenty of eye-candy sugar sprinkles. Keep the content informative to the subject at hand. Make your writing unique and interesting, as well as helpful. Your associates will appreciate the great presentation and will eagerly wait for more.

Corkulous is a corkboard where you can organize lots of things, from pictures, notes, and ideas. It looks just like a corkboard inside the iPad.

Sadun’s Whiteboard turns your iPad into a white board. You connect to a TV or presentation screen and draw on the iPad screen as if it were a whiteboard. Everyone can watch you draw from the presentation screen. offers link exchanges to anyone who is interested in posdting on their blog. Link exchanges let you get involved with other businesses and blogs like yours. By sharing links with each other, both companies will benefit and will draw traffic into the others web site or blog. You add a link to your blog and they add yours to the their blog. It is kind of like taking care of each other while helping your blog become better viewed. Traffic exchange works similar to link exchange. These networks will send traffic to your blog for exchange of traffic to other blogs. A payment method is also available and once payment is made, the traffic will start to trickle in, with a sudden rush of visitors soon to follow.

Remember that while these apps work for stunning presentations, there are no cookie cutter solutions for improving your presentation. Do not assume that just because you have these amazing iPad apps does not mean you can put it on auto pilot.

Top 5 Wordpress Apps and Plug-ins

Top 5 Wordpress Apps and Plug-ins

Your blog is incredible, your content is fantastic, and you want to take the blog world by a storm You better know where to begin if this is going to be a reality. How do you get found, and even better, get popular in a cyber world where 10,000 blogs are a needle in a haystack?

Apps make blogging easier because you may have a great voice but what does it matter id no one is listening. What if they are not listening because the y can hear you? Get hear on the Internet by investing in a few really great, really super, and really cool plug-ins. Here are the top 5 favorites.

W3 Total Cashe.  This is a good choice because it encourages faster loading of your pages. It can store static versions of your page.

HeadSpace will be your new best friend. With this installed on your blog, you can go back to writing creative, fresh and energetic blog posts and let HeadSpace do the SEO work for you. Blogs and message boards are a perfect complement for SEO work. You need to learn how important social networking can be in keeping your blog busy. SEO will drive more visitors to your blog and HeadSpace will do this for you, working fervently behind the scenes while you concentrate on content that will keep visitors happy.

If you have a sign up page on your blog, or an RSS invitation, Thank Me Later automatically sends a thank you note to the new member. Thank you notes are nice and encourage visitor to come back and visit. In your email, you can use your blog to ask visitors to stay in contact with you and visit your blog or sign up for RSS. You better have a great gift to offer, or it may be hard to get people to join. Maybe give away free eBooks, useful, daily tips and ideas about the content on your blog.

SEO Smart Links will effortlessly link pages within your own blog. This great tool keeps visitors reading because if they love your content, they want to read more. Interlinking makes it easy for visitors to find more content.

Best iPhone Apps for SEO

Learning SEO is not an easy job and when you are new to staying on top of the newest advancements in SEO work, it can take a lot of your time to get the SEO techniques don to a perfect science. Even experienced SEO managers are always looking for ways to make marketing easier. iPhone has introduced some of the best SEO apps that will help the beginner, and the experienced marketing wiser.

SEO is about using the right keywords and key phrases to help promote your web site. Randomly throwing in words you think will work is not the answer. WebFight app is the answer for finding the right keywords for your business. There is a free version and a paid version. Try out the free version first and in no time you will be purchasing and installing the full version. Keyword search, in the palm of your hand. Is there anything easier?

iSEO should be the next app for SEO you install. It will cost you under $5.00 and it measures the keyword density of your web page.

SEO Check Page Size will let you know if your page size is too big or too little. There are SEO guidelines that need to be followed for best results of traffic to your web site and this app will let you know how well the keywords are placed in order for traffic to find you.

Domain Tracker is defiantly a great app. It will help you know how well you web site is doing in Google because it can pull up the ranking page for your web site.

The number one app on the iPhone market is the SEO Submit Pro. Once you use it, you will wonder how you ever got along without it. You will receive SEO reports straight on your for the best in hand SEO information available.

SEM Calculator and Elite SEM Calculator are not rally similar, but they are alike by way of calculating things. Both are great uses for SEO. The SEM Calculator keeps up with your last email campaign. The Elite SEM Calculator adds up the progress of your Adwords on Google.

iPhone apps are hard to beat for all kinds of business needs but if you are in the SEO field, these apps are a necessity.