Top 5 Wordpress Apps and Plug-ins

Top 5 Wordpress Apps and Plug-ins

Your blog is incredible, your content is fantastic, and you want to take the blog world by a storm You better know where to begin if this is going to be a reality. How do you get found, and even better, get popular in a cyber world where 10,000 blogs are a needle in a haystack?

Apps make blogging easier because you may have a great voice but what does it matter id no one is listening. What if they are not listening because the y can hear you? Get hear on the Internet by investing in a few really great, really super, and really cool plug-ins. Here are the top 5 favorites.

W3 Total Cashe.  This is a good choice because it encourages faster loading of your pages. It can store static versions of your page.

HeadSpace will be your new best friend. With this installed on your blog, you can go back to writing creative, fresh and energetic blog posts and let HeadSpace do the SEO work for you. Blogs and message boards are a perfect complement for SEO work. You need to learn how important social networking can be in keeping your blog busy. SEO will drive more visitors to your blog and HeadSpace will do this for you, working fervently behind the scenes while you concentrate on content that will keep visitors happy.

If you have a sign up page on your blog, or an RSS invitation, Thank Me Later automatically sends a thank you note to the new member. Thank you notes are nice and encourage visitor to come back and visit. In your email, you can use your blog to ask visitors to stay in contact with you and visit your blog or sign up for RSS. You better have a great gift to offer, or it may be hard to get people to join. Maybe give away free eBooks, useful, daily tips and ideas about the content on your blog.

SEO Smart Links will effortlessly link pages within your own blog. This great tool keeps visitors reading because if they love your content, they want to read more. Interlinking makes it easy for visitors to find more content.


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