Logo design-SoQute

Logo for chic children's clothing place. I think it is so cute!

FierFly Logo

Logo for school, education, and other learning reference and look ups.


Logo for a consulting design art firm

SEO Quest

This is a logo I created, and entered in a contest, but didn't win. After the contest, I tweaked it a little and added it to my portfolio. I thought it was cool, but I guess not cool enough.

SEO Q contest

From experience, it is not a great idea to enter a design contest and submit 20 designs. Here is a logo I created for SEO q. It didn't win.

Logo Design -Full Cup

Sometimes, life is so incredibly wonderful there are no words to describe it. My cups has overflowed because of how blessed I truly am.


A simple logo made for a company who claims to work above and beyond your expectations. A nice graphic company! And nice people to work with.

Writers Shack

This logo came about in an unusual manner. It was designed for a writers guild. Writers can meet other authors, receive tips and techniques for writing, and find the best places to get your work published!

8 Fans

I created this logo for a fan based company where fans ca meet their favorite stars, receive fan mail, and "take" pictures. Ready to write?