The Best iPad Apps for a Great Business Presentation

The Best iPad Apps for a Great Business Presentation

iPad offers apps the same as iPhone and Mac and without the help of some of the following apps, your presentations may not turn out as creative as you had planned.

Keynote is a powerful app for Mac that has been adapted to use on the iPad. You need to write creative presentations that include plenty of eye-candy sugar sprinkles. Keep the content informative to the subject at hand. Make your writing unique and interesting, as well as helpful. Your associates will appreciate the great presentation and will eagerly wait for more.

Corkulous is a corkboard where you can organize lots of things, from pictures, notes, and ideas. It looks just like a corkboard inside the iPad.

Sadun’s Whiteboard turns your iPad into a white board. You connect to a TV or presentation screen and draw on the iPad screen as if it were a whiteboard. Everyone can watch you draw from the presentation screen. offers link exchanges to anyone who is interested in posdting on their blog. Link exchanges let you get involved with other businesses and blogs like yours. By sharing links with each other, both companies will benefit and will draw traffic into the others web site or blog. You add a link to your blog and they add yours to the their blog. It is kind of like taking care of each other while helping your blog become better viewed. Traffic exchange works similar to link exchange. These networks will send traffic to your blog for exchange of traffic to other blogs. A payment method is also available and once payment is made, the traffic will start to trickle in, with a sudden rush of visitors soon to follow.

Remember that while these apps work for stunning presentations, there are no cookie cutter solutions for improving your presentation. Do not assume that just because you have these amazing iPad apps does not mean you can put it on auto pilot.


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