Internet Advertising

Why does a business send SMS advertising to customers and clients? Reasons for email messaging include special promotions and sales, advice, tips, and inspiring ideas for their business, and perhaps an invitation to a seminar or webinar. Whatever the reason, if the newsletter regularly ends up in a junk folder, or spam filter, a company has wasted time, money and efforts.

If a company regularly sends out email newsletter, they may want to think about SMS advertising as an alternative. Spam filters are great assets to email systems. No one likes spam, even when it lands in the spam folder. A business does not want their newsletter to end up in the black zone hole. Maybe companies are aware of this idea already or maybe they have no thoughts about SMS messaging. Either way, if they neglect this tiny, but helpful tip, many clients may never see their newsletter, even after they signed up for an invitation.

SMS advertising really is a better form of advertising. SMS messaging is a great source for generating new traffic to a business website. The best way to make sure a web site gets notices is to include a linked signature at the end of the message. This definitely brings more traffic to an Internet website and to local businesses as well. A store having a one day sale can send out a bulk SMS to all customers who have signed up for a newsletter.

The link should be about one line long. More than one line will crowd the page and leave only a limited amount of space in the message. The link should be one that has the highest rank of the web site. Include in the link a title of the website followed by a great sales pitch to encourage visitors to click on the link and visit the online website.


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